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Organic Chicken Legs New Special Offer

Organic Chicken Legs

Order over $1,000 of meat/seafood and we shall include 1 pack of our French Organic Chicken Legs free of charge. Frozen, 2 whole legs per pack, weighing about 500 to 700g. Regular price $170 per kilo.

Only one offer per order per customer

“Our meat and seafood products are of equal quality as Hong Kong’s leading delicatessens. The difference is that we deliver to your home at 10-20% lower prices.”

Mon-Fri 2:45 pm
Sat 12:30 pm
Please place your order with minimum 1 working day advanced notice
Prices are subject to change without prior notice

No deliveries on Sundays & public holidays

Offer valid whilst supplies last

Add Item Black Tiger Prawns

Black Tiger Prawns
Individually quick frozen black tiger prawns. Succulent, bursting with the flavour of the sea! Shell on, head on, about 16-20 pieces per pack.
$250/kg   $230/kg

Add Item French Organic Whole Chicken*

French Organic Whole Chicken*
Nature’s own. No hormones, antibiotics, nor pesticides. Fed on organically grown grain. Raised in small batches. Frozen, about 1.5 to 1.8 kilos per piece.
$155/kg   $130/kg

Add Item New Zealand Rib Eye Roast

New Zealand Rib Eye Roast
Naturally reared, lean and nutritious beef, hormone and antibiotics free. Roast whole or slice into steaks. Chilled, not previously frozen. Minimum order 1 kilo, max 2.5 kg. For a larger piece, please order the Whole Rib Eye.
$235/kg   $220/kg

Add Item French Dover Sole, SOLD OUT!

French Dover Sole, SOLD OUT!
Sweet, nutty, premium fish. Thicker than the New Zealand sole with a superior flavour. Two whole frozen fish, about 1.3 to 1.5 kg per order. Pan fry or pan roast.
$390/kg   $370/kg

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